About us

Two Things We Care About. Quality and Customer

That’s why we do not give dealerships to others. we set up our own selling and distribution warehouse in that particular country and manage the operations under our own supervision. At our manufacturing unit, we carefully look after our product quality and manufacture them according to health standards. we are the only one in kitchenware, who gives lifetime guarantee of their products.

in 1989 KLASSIC KITCHENWARE start a business selling KITCHENWARE to local wholesalers AND RETAILERS IN LONDON. NOW, after nearly 25 years serving London and the surrounding area, KLASSIC KITCHENWARE has built a sturdy reputation for its unique offering of Kitchenware products, Alloy metal products, Nonstick products, Marble Coated products, Stainless Steel products and Table Cutlery products, and Manny household items.